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Angela Thomas

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Find out why people trust Psychic Angela Thomas to deliver answers

Trusted Psychic in the U.S.
You were meant to be here.
Ready for an extraordinary reading?
Authentic Psychic, Accurate Readings
Have you ever had a reading with a psychic and come to find out he or she merely gave an opinion? Did you pay for a psychic reading and was left feeling scared or anxious? 

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

Angela Thomas is an authentic psychic.

Introducing Psychic Angela Thomas
For over 20 years, Angela Thomas has been offering private, psychic readings. She is a top psychic located in the United States who is known for her detailed readings and straight-to-the-point reading style. 
Considered a psychic’s psychic (because she reads for many psychics and mediums), she has gained a world-wide clientele, and reputation for accuracy. She teaches psychic development and offers a mentorship program. 

You Want Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions
Whether you’re seeking insights on a relationship, money, career, or others areas of your life, you’ll get true information you can use. Psychic readings by Psychic Angela Thomas has the answers.

Psychic Angela Thomas offers 
  • Psychic insights you can trust - (Get insights from an authentic and documented psychic) 
  • Information that empowers you - (Make more informed decisions regarding areas in your personal and professional life)
  • Details to recognize a situation - (Know what influences and opportunities are coming your way within 18-months, or shorter timing)

Angela Thomas is a professional psychic and clairvoyant, noted over her 20+ year practice for high accuracy and detail. 

She is a subject-participant in an elite consciousness research study focusing on precognition and has gained an enviable reputation for her psychic work in private sessions for individuals, business leaders and celebrities. Her work has also included crime victim location and recovery more

Psychic Angela Thomas
A Future You Can See, Insights You Can Use
Angela offers 15-minute, 30-minute, and one-hour psychic readings by telephone or Skype. Besides the amount of information you receive, here’s what you’ll get with your psychic reading with Angela Thomas:

  Your Growth Year Information – (A little something extra for you that doesn’t go against your session time with Angela)

  Direct information which may include details such as names, places, situations, i.e.

  No chit chat to waste your time
  No personal opinions to skew the information
  No hidden cost – No charge per minute (You’ll get the time you’ve paid for)
  Done right the first time (Explore your areas of concerns and specific questions that matter to you most)
  100% Comfort Guarantee – (No fear-based agenda)

  Plus, Angela encourages you to RECORD YOUR PSYCHIC SESSION.
​  Listen to a sample reading: (Recorded for radio show host, Brenda Lovell of The Shining Light), or visit her media to     see or hear her interviews and/or readings.
Try your own psychic reading 
 Available in 15-minute, 30-minute, and one-hour sessions between 10 am to 8 pm, Central by telephone or Skype.
 Payment is required on or before you schedule your appointment. Psychic readings only. No mediumship readings offered. 
15-minute Psychic Reading


30-minute Psychic Reading


One-hour Psychic Reading


Payment and Cancellation policy: Payment is required at the time you schedule your appointment. PayPal accepts these forms of payment: MasterCard, Visa, Amex, and Discover. If needed, your appointment time and date can be rescheduled up to two weeks prior to your appointment time. A $25 cancellation fee applies to all cancellations after your appointment time has been scheduled. No refund will be issued when appointments are cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice. Missed appointments are subject to full payment of session.

Disclaimer: All sessions are for adults 18 years old or older. Any information presented in a session is not meant to replace any legal, medical, psychological or other professional advice or services. The insights provided through my services are intended to help you to make better life choices, and that you, the client, is always free to make your own choices at will, regardless of your interpretation of the information. Angela Thomas shall not be liable regarding any action or non-action taken by the client in reference to the information presented during the session. Services are non-refundable.

When you receive professional psychic information, know that your privacy is protected. Your psychic session is a fiduciary relationship between you and Psychic Angela Thomas. Relax and know your session with her is 100% confidential. Connect with Angela, the psychic, for an intimate, psychic session.

Date and time is based on U.S.CENTRAL TIME. To coordinate date and time with your TIME ZONE, use's, "Meeting Planner" for the best accuracy.

Central time includes cities such as New Orleans and St. Louis.
Frequently Asked Questions

If a shorter reading is ordered, may I extend it once my time is up?
Honestly, that depends upon my schedule demand. I would be more than happy to accommodate an extended time, if possible. I would suggest that you consider how many questions and/or areas of concern you would like addressed, and 
base the time needed for a reading from that. Regardless of the session length, you’ll get a lot of information in the time 
you’ve chosen. 

Do you do overall general readings, or by questions only?
I prefer to have a more focus-based reading session vs an overall, general reading. During your reading, you may get information beyond what you are asking me to look into. This occurs if I’m being drawn to it. In order to make your reading more productive, specific questions and/or areas of concern can be asked at the time of your reading. The time it takes for 
you to ask your questions will not go against your session time with me.

Are you a psychic-medium? 
Although I have psychic mediumship abilities, I don’t offer that as a solo session. It simply isn’t my forte. I do, from time-to time, deliver messages during a psychic reading, but that isn’t too often. I’m best known as a psychic-clairvoyant which gives me the ability to see in the past, present and near future. 
Psychic Angela Thomas is a Psychic-Clairvoyant. In addition to giving psychic readings and teaching psychic development, she writes the "Ask Angela" column, "Confessions of a Psychic," and books such as her upcoming, "This Psychic Life."

Get into your future with an amazing reading you’ll always remember. Experience the difference yourself.
Find out if a psychic reading is for you.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Angela, or SCHEDULE NOW. Call, text, email or use the contact form  below for dates and times available.