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Dear Angela:
My father passed away recently. I am devastated. He meant the world to me and I don't know how I will cope now that he is gone. Up until he married my step-mother, we did almost everything together. He took care of me and I took care of him. I lived in his home until I was 25, but once he married, I moved out. My step-mother was decent to me, but she kept her distance. There wasn't any warm welcomes from her when I would visit my father's home. She kept herself busy with other things while I was there. 

Since my father's passing, I have not been able to reach my step-mother.. I saw her at my father's funeral, but I have not been able to see her or to speak with her since then. She knows I am single and an only child. I have no one. She is being cold by not taking my calls or reaching out to me. My father was married to her for 12 years. 

I am thinking the worst: I think she is purposely avoiding me because I believe she is manipulating my father's assets. Will you please tell me if this is the case? Please choose my question. Thanking you in advance. -- Shannon - 02/22/1981 | Step-mother - 09/18/1957

Dear Shannon:
I'm sorry for your loss. Concerning your step-mother, she is lining up things legally when it comes to assets. Such things would include life insurance (and there seems to be more than one), bank accounts, and other assets such as real estate. Do know your father didn't turn every asset over to her; however, she is the person to legally control his affairs. It is best to seek a legal professional regarding what can be done on your behalf.

Between now and the next 6 weeks, do expect communications from your step-mother. This seems to be attached to your father's home.

Blessings to you!

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