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Ask Angela

Psychic Angela Thomas
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    Dear Angela:
    I’d like to ask you questions about my brother, Christopher. Will I ever see     him again? We haven’t spoken for several years. I’ve tried calling him, 
    but he no longer has the cell phone number he had back then. He no 
    longer works at the mechanic shop either. There were words between us     when he showed up high or drunk at our mother’s funeral. Our father’s     health is declining. I feel guilty that my father hasn’t seen my brother     because of me. I want my father to see his son before he dies. Is my 
    brother still alive? Thank you in advance. 
    Amanda: 08/01/1983 – Christopher: 02/12/1978

    Dear Amanda:
    Your brother is very much alive. From what I can gather, he has something 
    to do with a car racing track (Daytona, e.g.), or car racing show
    (monster truck, drag racing, demolition, e.g.) Clairaudiently, the sounds
    I am hearing are engines when they are racing or have fast movements. 
    This should aid you in narrowing down the companies that hire for such     events. As far as the mechanic shop he formerly worked for, you may
    want to ask more questions as I feel he is still in contact with people at
    that shop. You will communicate with your brother again between right
    now and the next six months. And, yes, your father will be able to see
    his son again.

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