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Ask Angela

Psychic Angela Thomas
Get into your future

​    I must confess that my work has given me the opportunity to know others in an intimate way. That intimacy lasts temporarily as once their psychic reading is finished, it doesn’t take long before my mind completely forgets the messages I’ve passed along. I’ve always said that not remembering is a blessing. It keeps me from having to worry or wish for other individual’s happiness or best outcomes.

    I’m just the messenger. In other words, my role is to pass along the messages and the information that is given to me through insights. 
I don’t try to make sense of the information given to me (In other words, I don’t logically set out to try and figure something out for an individual) as that is between the person I’m reading for and the guide or spirit giving me the messages. Additionally, I don’t give advice, nor my personal opinion in a reading. That’s not my role. Besides, for me to logically try and figure out how that information applies, or when he or she should act on something, or not, would take me out of the ‘receiving’ mode completely.

    Psychic work – true psychic work – is not for the weak. One has to be mentally and emotionally strong in order to continue his or her work as a psychic. I’ve been in readings where something so shocking comes into play, it takes me completely out of my receiving mode and I have to stop and reconnect. It’s the shocking information I remember the most as then I have experienced it both in two states of consciousness.

    There are times when clients will call me to give validation or a confirmation on things I’ve said. It’s during this time my conversation in a normal state of consciousness absorbs the most emotions. The joy and excitement makes me happy for those sharing the good news. Or, of course, the opposite. I receive personal details about what people did or didn’t do, or how they behaved or spoke to others and it can be unsettling.

    What makes it worth doing psychic work? It’s the rich information and the positive feedback I get from individuals that is the most rewarding for me. Knowing when I read for them that no matter what they may be going through, challenged with or trying to achieve, it all will work out for them in the end.