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Psychic Angela Thomas
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     I must confess that I have a pet peeve regarding some psychics or readers. It's the way they [some psychics], or readers present themselves to others in stereotypical garb and labeled in self-given titles.

    Maybe I'm cynical, but my thinking is along the lines of PROFESSIONALISM. You won't see professional psychics caught dead in gypsy or hippie-style garb, nor will you see them with rainbow hair, tables covered in crystals, stones, or other things/tools screaming they are psychic or with reading abilities.

    When you look at professionals such as John Edward, Hollister Rand, Robert Brown, Kim Russo, i.e., you won't see them dressing up like clowns giving themselves and others in their field a bad name. They set themselves apart from the wanna-bes. No need to bad mouth others, they simply provide their services and treat it as a real business, and present themselves in a professional manner. 

    No wonder many people roll their eyes or are turned off just by the sound of the word, "psychic." It brings up images of a card table set-up on a square covered in ‘God-knows-what’ items.

    Recently, I went to my first and last psychic fair. I was disturbed by how others presented themselves. That and the laundry list of people claiming what they can do. Several were young women who have not had time to truly develop their abilities, but had already given themselves titles of about six or more things they could do with labels such as shaman, healer, seer, psychic, empath, clairvoyant, medium, etc., etc., etc. I kept thinking to myself they read a book (or flipped through one), and saw something intriguing or that they could identify with.

   I wanted to reach out and ask, "Have you ever considered ridding yourself of the old-carnival look and choosing something more professional or presentable? Have you considered developing your abilities?" I didn't though. Let them find out for themselves if it ever dawns on them.