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Ask Angela

Psychic Angela Thomas
Get into your future

Although people are learning and understanding more and more about real psychics, I must confess that the perpetual misconceptions about them are keeping some people from really enjoying and experiencing the good things psychic readings have to offer. People find them comforting, as well as, healing.

It's time for others to stop falling for these common misconceptions:

Misconception #1
News of death. I hear a lot about people who are scared of psychic readings because they are afraid to hear bad news like a death being announced or their own death date being laid out for them. This simply is not true. Ethical psychics do not speak of someone’s impending death, nor do they create anxiety and fear in those they read for.

For the most part, psychics will share with others their insights on important areas of their lives and provide people with insights that will aid them in making decisions and plans. The person receiving a reading is more empowered by the insights and can go forth in a positive way. They [people] can decide whether to continue the path they are on or seek another path altogether.

Misconception #2
Psychics are evil or doing the devil’s work. (Big sigh) 

The Truth: Most psychics are believers in God – Period. Spiritual, highly spiritual people.

Such lies and misconceptions about psychics, I believe, add to the ‘mystery’ people want to fantasize about. If we don’t understand it, then it must be evil, right? Are we living in the time of the Crusades where the Catholic Church declared anyone a heretic if they were not Catholic or when the Protestants killed Catholics for not being “the” people to adopt their new beliefs? If you don’t believe what I believe, or practice what I practice, you are of the devil? How about the Puritans promoting the burning deaths of mid-wives, women and children to strike fear in people to get them to submit to their doctrine? Certainly, we should have learned something by now as such manipulation and falsehoods rumored back then for political and religious gain were false and yet it still spills into our modern and educated lives.

I am well-aware of what some spiritual leaders promote through biblical or religious scriptures; however, they have slanted the scriptures to make their story believable. It’s unfortunate that ALL scriptures on this is not promoted the same way. Naturally, there are some spiritual leaders now who are embracing intuitive people because they have read more into it and are embracing, too, what scientific research has learned about psychic abilities.

Misconception #3
Psychics do cold readings and that’s how they know what they know. I’m sure there are a few people that can study body language and guess at what the person is thinking or feeling, but for the most part, psychics don’t bother with body language. One can easily sit straight as a board and expressionless as he or she is receiving a reading, if done in person, so let’s take that off the table. 

I, for one, like many other psychics no longer see people in person; therefore, there is no way of seeing whoever is being read or studying body language. Professional psychics do not guess, they merely pass along the messages or interpretation of messages they are receiving. Nothing more, nothing less.

It is what it is: Abilities. Psychic abilities.