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Psychic Angela Thomas
Get into your future

​I must confess that I have been a relunctant medium for years. It is not that I don't wish to pass along messages to individuals, but it is my own vulnerability to the spirit world that has kept me going full fledge into offering mediumship sessions to people.

Often times, when I am in a normal conversation with someone talking about the weather, I am receiving messages from the spirit world to pass along. Most of the time, I don't acknowledge the spirit, nor tell the person that "so and so" is communicating and wanting to communicate with them. The same occurs when I am giving information to someone that I'm conducting a psychic reading session for. I conduct a psychic reading, not a mediumship reading. On occasion, if the spirit is persistent enough, I will stop briefly deliver the message, or tell an individual that "I have (name) here with me." I normally don't because I feel like I must change 'modes' in order to do that.

The feelings of vulnerability have stemmed from my few experiences where the spirits have literally stepped into my aura and taken over. So, a trance-like, mediumship experience. No permission was given for such a thing, nor was I asking to be an instrument for a spirit. I wasn't even in a deep meditative state preparing for a trance experience!

I often pride myself on grounding and protecting my aura before leaving my own environment, but that did not stop the process of a spirit stepping in. I can say, all the times it has happened, I have been extremely exhausted. The spirits, or some entity from the other world, simply decided to take advantage of me.

When this has happened, even though I realize I am talking through the motion of my mouth, I am not privy to any words or messages I'm delivering.

Although those who have been on the receiving end were excited about the messages, only one person was not. She was in shock as much as I was. She grew up as a minister's daughter, and until then, I believe she really didn't think she was touchable to the spirit world.

To this day, she has refused to share what was said to her. I believe she is still in shock that such a thing happened right in front of her eyes through her friend 'Angela' who was merely enjoying an evening in conversation with her.

I can say I have recognized the difference between spirits that are eager to communicate with others I'm speaking to (mental mediumship), and those who have stepped into my aura (trance mediumship), but that does not mean I'm willing to allow it to happen. At least not yet.

It will happen when I decide.