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​Confessions of a Psychic

​    Is there a ‘Happily Ever After’ when it comes to love?

    I must confess that reading on relationships can feel like a double-edged sword or feel absolutely wonderful. Why? Because I want to let the individual I’m reading for know if or when the relationship will come about, will work, won’t work, or will not happen at all. When someone is in love, one generally denies that anything could change the way he or she feels for another. Feelings, of course, change as the relationship changes; good or bad.  

    I’ve been known to say, “Even if you got married tonight, this relationship will not stand the test of time.” I say this not to burst a person’s bubble, but to put them on notice so he or she can make more informed decisions; especially, when it comes to mixing assets or not. Or, at the very least, take off the hooded mask and look at the real situation.

    Is there a ‘Happily Ever After’ when it comes to love? Yes, but it’s a small percentage of couples who can claim this. I have found that these couples accept each other and their friends and family. Acceptance of one’s partner and loving their partner for who they are despite the lack of perfection. Feeling peace knowing his or her partner is around.

    As a professional psychic, I have read on many relationships. It brings me joy just knowing some of the people I read for are happy in their relationship, or happy knowing their relationship is on the right track.

    A couple’s happiness can change and does change. The outcome depends on how each partner respects each other or falls into a potential trap.

    One of the things that change a relationship is a person changing his or her personality or habits to please their partner’s whim. Their partner begins to craft a more perfect union (ideally, for themselves) by making requests of their partner to change this or that. (I’m not speaking of changing destructive behavior. That’s entirely different.) The partner wanting to please, changes. 

    By changing for someone else’s pleasure, changes the person and his or her ultimate happiness. The individual that has changed him or herself is no longer the person that their partner committed to. The ultimate result is the complaint, “You are no longer the person I met.” Of course, not! The relationship was sabotaged the moment a partner began asking for change.

    Not everyone asks their partner to change who they are. By doing so exposes a desire for a partner to be someone completely different, or ideally, like someone else. Instead, manipulation occurs. Manipulation may appear as changes in behavior, mood swings; naturally, or on purpose, fault-finding, temper tantrums or at odds with one’s friends or family to isolate the partner he or she intends to manipulate. At this point, it is no longer about love – It’s about control. It doesn’t take long before a manipulating partner is looking for the next best thing.

    Culture plays a huge role in the success and happiness of relationships. I’ve read for people all over the world. What I have found in my readings on love is that LOVE is constant. True love, that is. Love goes through changes, but those in it, remain in love. They choose to love. They desire to love the one they are with.

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